Established in 2002 by Professor Mike Rubinstein, Orwell Pharmaceutical is an indepedent, privately owned company with the scientific expertise to respond flexibly to each new challenge, and give every project the best possible chance of a successful clinical trial.

By far, our most important asset is an exceptional depth of knowledge and experience that enables us to design novel and effective drug deliver system built on a fundamental scientific and technical understanding of our clients requirement. Quay Pharma offer every clinet a bespoke approach matched precisely to their needs and circumstances. we know that a university department reacharching new drug applications ha different needs from a major manufacturer developing a new chemical entity because we work regularyly with both.

Over the past decade we have successfully developed safe , robust and effective new products for more than 100 client, acrose a spectrum of projects that range from hard to eliver New Chemical Entities to reformulations of established drugs, many of them now either successfully incensed or in the latter staes of clinical develpment. we have also helped with the successful development of a wide range of generic products, medical device and veterinary products. significantly, we have often devised successful formulations where other companies have failed.

What We Do

At Orwell Pharmaceutical our job is not simply to find an effective method of drug delivery for each new product, it is to find the best and most effective method possible. Our comprehesive, flexible range of services enables clients to bring drug products through the various stages of clinical development, from pre formulation work to formulation, dosage form design and optimisatin.

From our GMP facilities we can extedn this into ful manufacturing and packaging support for phase 1, Phase II and mall-scale Phase III trials. Orwell Pharmaceutical provide a fully integrated service for the development and manufature of sepcials, an acutely important area of medicine. Our outstanding analytical services team will support projects throughout their progress.

Every project benifits from our robust project management as well as our technical proficiency. Offering advice and development for all dosage forms and drug types, we have particualr expertise in developing product for oral or topica delivery including, tablets, capsules, liquids., gels and creams. from traditional small molecules to proteins, peptides and larger biological agents, Orwell Pharmaceutical can work with substance of all types, in all therapeutic areas.


We believe in direct communication, honest dialogue, and collaborative working, confidentiality is absolutely assured in every aspect of our services, from your first enquiry onwards

Our in-house scientific expertise enables us to approach every project from the most fundamental principles, thoroughly researching your drug and building a complete understing of it posible results. we understand the importance of cost and timelines, and make sure that these factors are clearly set out and agreed at the outset.

while our aim is to meet your immediate requirements, we always look ahead to ensure that the short-run manufacturing we can easily be scaled to commericial quantities or licensed to another party.

our working practice is to agree a fee for each stage of our service, in advance. we will not tie you in to formulations or technologies that will reduce your options. our work, once paid for is yours without futher commitment.

Live Biotherapeutic

Currently one of the few companies licensed for the clinical manufacture of live biotherapeutics


Preclinical formulation and analysis of active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(APIS)

Analytical Service

Analytical and quality control services, inc anlytical method development and validation

Laboratory Facilities

We operate from three site, two are 15km apart, one in enland and the other, ourt head office Orwell Pharmaceutical

Phase| Clinical Trials

All of the services required to bring an API into clincal use in the fastest and most cost-effective way


In-house capabilities, especially valuable where drugs show poor solubility or bioavailability